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The Pac Mat by HO Sports is an inflatable 10’ x 10’ water mat that’s guaranteed to provide endless hours of fun for the entire family. Get your kids outside on the Pac Mat and they’ll be playing until the sun goes down. Practice your cannon balls through the 5’ center hole, play king of the Pac-Mat or make up your own game using the nostalgic, interactive graphics. Great flotation on the water, and springboard like bounce on land for gymnastics fun, the Pac Mat is great on and off the water! The stainless steel D-rings provide attachment points for anchoring. The Pac-Mat can also be fastened to a boat, dock or another inflatable. It’s 6” Thick Welded Dropstitch construction means it’s durable and rigid when inflated, and folds down for easy compact storage when not in use. Use the included electric pump for quick and easy inflation and deflation. The Pac-Mat will keep you and your family where you want to be…on the water. • Electric Pump included for easy inflation and deflation • Nostalgic Interactive Graphics: Clyde to center hole. • 15cm(6in) thick Welded Dropstitch Construction • 5’ Center Hole – take the plunge and practice your cannon ball, front and center. • Dual Layer Neoprene Padded Carry Handles • 3.8mm Stainless D-Rings – commercial grade D-rings on bottom deck for easy connection • For use on and off the water! Great flotation on water, springboard-like bounce on land for gymnastics fun