What is Safewake international?

Safewake international is an Authorized Hyperlite Dealer stationed and founded in the country of Kuwait.

Aside form our Water Sport Online Store we also intend to launch our own Clothing brand currently named “Safewake international Clothing”. Not only are we interested in the water-sports industry, but in fact our initial company days were founded around the idea of selling our own clothing line plus wakeboards.

We are powered by the "KUWAIT B V C FOR GENERAL TRADING AND CON” company and moving froward we hope to meet all of our costumer’s needs as soon as we can.      

                                                                                                                               From -The Founder of Safewake international



High Quality Wakeboards and High-Quality Hoodies...That was the start of it all....

We don't cut corners, We thrive to provide high-quality products as well as high-quality fabrics. Safewake international is one for the people, the young, the old, The NEW.. We hope to release new designs one after the other, while holding our company's high-quality standards.

Many may feel different about us and what we're creating but as the saying goes
"Enjoy us or get the **** out of our way"

We do not have limitation nor company restriction of content, we do it while holding our high company slandered for high-quality products as a high-quality clothing brand/Hyperlite Retailer.

Thank you to everyone that supported us throughout this journey and thank you to those who are just now joining us.

Welcome to the Family 

We couldn't not have done this without you guys.



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