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10’ Diameter x 6” Thickness Don’t be a Square! Get your kids outside having fun on the water with the RAD PAD inflatable water mat from HO sports! Whether it’s cannon-balls, simon-says or duck-duck goose, this circular interactive PAD provides endless hours of fun in the sun. The RAD PAD is built with 6in thick Welded Dropstitch Construction that’s durable, stable and rigid when inflated. Pump it up effortlessly with the included Electric Pump with built in PSI pressure gauge. The RAD PAD provides great flotation on water, but also works great with a springboard-like bounce on dry-land for gymnastics fun too! Easily connect your RAD PAD to docks, anchors or boats with the bottom deck Stainless D-rings. Worried about the space it’ll take up? The RAD PAD folds like a burrito for super compact storage and transport when deflated. Start your radical summer now with the RAD PAD from HO Sports. • Electric Pump included for easy inflation and deflation • Interactive Graphics: Fun & Games on the water • Deflates and Folds Away for Easy Storage: Rigid when inflated, shrinks to a fraction of the size when deflated for easy compact storage • 15cm(6in) thick Welded Dropstitch Construction • 3.8mm Stainless D-Rings – commercial grade D-rings on bottom deck for easy connection • For use on and off the water! Great flotation on water, springboard-like bounce on land for gymnastics fun

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